Do you ever feel like motherhood has taken over your life and you no longer have time for yourself?

Are you called "mom" so much that sometimes you wonder if anyone knows that you actually have a name?

Do you ever feel like you have lost yourself in motherhood?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the RIGHT PLACE!  This class is perfect for YOU!

Sign up TODAY and become one of the 16 CHARTER member of the In Search of Me in Mommy Class! 

What is the In Search of Me in Mommy Class?
In Search of Me in Mommy class is for moms who, may have lost a bit of themselves since becoming a mom, and are interested in becoming more connected with their authentic selves. 

It is:
  • A place for moms to support and challenge each other to grow and learn more about themselves and their abilities.
  • A place for moms to feel safe and are able to share their whole selves – authentically.
  • A place for moms to dream big and see the possibilities of their lives and themselves.
  • A place to be exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking.
  • A place to be inspired and after each meeting have at least one doable action step that each mom is excited to accomplish.
  • A place to learn, grow, and become a more fulfilled mom, spouse/partner, and person.
It is NOT:
  • A place for moms to come together and bitch, whine, moan, and complain about their children, spouses, or life.
  • A place for moms to compare themselves with others or feel judged.
  • A place for moms who think that support groups are full of baloney psycho-babble.
  • A place for moms who are not interested or willing to change their life.
  • A place for moms to who want to be told how to parent their children.
The class is specifically designed for a small, intimate group is limited to only 16 moms! 

This is the first time I am offering the In Search of Me in Mommy 6-week class and for this session only I am offering enrollment in the class at the ridiculously low rate of only $59!  I can promise you that after this session the class price will drastically increase - so if you are at all interested, I encourage you to sign up today!
Why should I take the In Search of Me in Mommy class?

There are SO many reason why this class is important.  You should enroll in the In Search of Me in Mommy class to...
  •      learn about yourself as a woman and a mother.
  •      recharge your batteries.
  •      get fresh insights.
  •      connect with others and know that you are not alone.
  •      learn more about yourself and grow.
  •      reconnect with you - wonderful glorious YOU!
Plus...I am offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!  If, at any point you are dissatisfied in the class, contact me so that I can either remedy the situation or refund your money.

Tell me more about the class...

We will meet at 8:00pm - 9:00pm (EST) on Sunday via teleconference call for 6 weeks (January 15, 22, 29, February 12, 19, and 26  NOTE: no class on February 5)

After each call you will receive a lesson summary - highlighting the main points of the lessons and will include additional supplemental suggested activities for further growth and development.

Support and relationships will continue throughout the week in our private In Search of Me in Mommy Class Facebook Group.

The class curriculum:
Week 1:  Welcome and Overview
  • The mommy-me - who am I now?
Week 2:  Your Authentic Voice
  • How to find your authentic voice.
Week 3:  The Stuff that Gets in the Way, Part 1 
  • Not Enough Time, Expectations, and Guilt
Week 4:  The Stuff that Gets in the Way, Part 2
  • Limiting Beliefs, Negative Self-Talk
Week 5:  Dreaming Big
  • Who do I want to become?
Week 6:  Q & A and Wrap up

Class Leader:

Kim Dettmer is the founder of In Search of Me in Mommy.  On New Years Eve day in 2009 Kim, a mother of 2 two preschool-aged boys, found herself in the middle of a “Is this REALLY as good as it gets?” crisis.  While being a mom was a huge joy, she realized that she had lost herself amidst the chaos of motherhood. 

During 2010 Kim set out to rediscover herself.  She said, “For a year, I focused on me – not the ‘mommy-me’ but the ‘authentic and whole me’.  The Me that was hidden under diapers, baby books, high chairs, stacking cups, PBS Kids, and preschool registration paperwork.”  Her search for herself included a blog, much research, and various activities – some that were amazingly successful, and others that failed dismally. But, at the end of the year, she knew her authentic self much better and was much happier!

Since that year, Kim is committed to and passionate about helping other moms find their way out from underneath the chaos of motherhood and find their authentic selves. In Search of Me in Mommy have evolved and become a culmination of her educational background – she has a BA in Family Studies and a Masters in Education - and her life experiences. 

Currently, Kim and her husband, Jeff, live near Cleveland, Ohio with their boys Alex and Owen.While staying home with the boys, she is in the process of writing In Search of Me in Mommy Workbook, is a speaker for moms groups, helps other moms find their whole and authentic selves, and is pursuing her dream of becoming a children’s picture book author. 

Commonly Asked Questions
What if I miss a call?  While it is my hope that you participate in all live calls, but if you miss a call - no problem.  The call will be recorded and you will be able to listen to it at your convenience.  But you will be missing the interaction and being a part of the discussion which is a vital part of the experience.

Will there be homework?  Yes.  I will provide a variety of "supplemental activities" after each class.  Each activity is designed to enhance the lessons from the calls.  While it is helpful for you to complete the homework, it is not required.

What do I need to do to prepare for class?  For every class, you will need a phone to call in on (I will email you the phone number and code) and paper and pen and a quiet.  All other items will be emailed to you before our class meeting.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact me at

So...are you in?
6-week class jammed packed with amazing lessons!

A community of like-minded moms

Time designed specifically for YOU!

Only $59...and limited to only 16 magnificent moms!