Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Journey of Motherhood

When I first became a mom, I was awestruck by this creature that my husband and I had created.  I was overwhelmed by a sense of responsibility that was squarely resting on my shoulders.  This squirming, feeding, crying, sleeping, projectile vomiting, little being was a lot of work, and, at times I wondered if I was even capable of being his mother.  The "good mother" that he deserved.

And, sometimes I was capable - stellar even!!!  During those times, I walked around with my chest puffed out (or perhaps it was the massive amount of breast milk) and I beamed with pride.  I would think "I've got this motherhood-thing down!"

And, other times I failed miserably and did not even come close to that image I had of a "good mother".  I would be "that" mom - the yelling, screaming, short tempered, at my-wits end mom - that I NEVER thought I would be.  And, I felt shameful, embarrassed, and was filled with failure.

Through these experiences, I came to the realization that...Motherhood is wonderful.  And, motherhood is awful.  Motherhood is filled with laughter and filled with tears. Motherhood is magical moments that is surrounded by hum-drum moments, and mixed up with pulling-my-hair-out-I-don't-think-I-can-do-this-a-minute-more moments.  Ultimately, motherhood is a life's journey.  The journey is marked with up, downs, twists, and turns.  And, each mom's journey is unique, special, and incredibly life-altering.

It is my belief that The Journey of Motherhood is enhanced when moms...
  • feel less alone and are supported but other moms, instead of feeling judged and competitive.
  • can be 100% honest about their feelings - especially during the hard times. 
  • are able to be authentic and true to who they are.
Therefore In Search of Me in Mommy's mission is to have a community of supportive moms who share with each other the trials and tribulations of their journey, authentically.

Join us!

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