Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Living in Lack-of-Style Denialville

Is it pathetic that when I put on jeans, I feel like I am getting "dressed up"?

 Yep, I admit is true...most days my wardrobe consists of sweat or yoga pants, and a casual (usually baggy) shirt.  So when I slip on my jeans...look's a red carpet day!

Honestly, it was never my intent, as a stay at home mom, to slum around in my grubbies each and every day.  In fact when my boys were infants, I prided myself in the fact that, daily, I made time to shower and get dressed.  But, at first wearing clothes that were just one step above pajamas was simply pratical.  I mean, seriously, who wants spit up, snot, and other bodily fluids on "good clothes"??!!?  Not me!  But, now my children are 5 and 6 years old and, mostly, keep their excretions to themselves.  Still my apparel has not changed.

In my defense (and why I feel the need to defend myself about this, is beyond me...) while I do spend most days looking, errr, comfortable, this does NOT mean that I am laying around doing nothing.  In fact, my days are filled - spent with children, household chores, writing, and building/starting my business, plus much more.

Curiously, while I have been a mom for just shy of seven years (OMG!  How did that happen?) it is just now that I am feeling that my wardrobe needs a little help! 

But, I am feeling a bit out of my element...  I mean, I am not sure what my style is anymore.  And Lord knows that I don't have hours of free time to go shopping to try and figure that out.

So, I guess for now, I'll just be happy with the fact that I finally found my way out of Lack-of-Style Denialville.

Because acknowledging there is a problem is the first step, RIGHT?

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