Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No. 52 - Doodle Yourself Happy!

I am continuing to add to my 50 Ways for a Mom to Connect with her Authentic Self.  Number 52 is all about the magic of doodling!

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As I mentioned last in a previous post, I signed up for a 30-day Do the Doodle Challenge at melissaAnne Colors.

I signed up thinking that I would have fun coloring, scribbling and, of course doodling with my kids crayons, paints, and colored pencils.  And I did have fun!  But it was way more than just fun...  I learned so much about myself when I took a few moments every day to put color to paper (or in some cases, color to computer).

Who knew (other than the brilliant MelissaAnne) that simple little doodles could be so powerful?!!?? 

Let me explain...

This past Sunday afternoon, I was G.R.U.M.P.Y.!

Everything and everybody was getting on my last nerve.  Even I, was annoyed to be around myself!  I tried to get rid of the grumps.  Ignoring didn't work.  Yelling was not helpful (and made it worse).  Forcing a fake smile failed.  Even my husband's long hug and kisses from my boys did nothing to banish the monster grumpinator that had seemingly taken over my entire being.

So I sequestered myself in my home office, put on my ear buds, and doodled.

First, I doodled GRUMPY.

I still felt grumpy...but it felt more lowercase-ish. 

Then, I said to myself, "I need to turn this around."  So I doodled more.

Was I magically, instantly happy?  Nope.  But I could feel the tide turning...

I took a break from the doodles and went on with my day.

My was mood lifting.  By evening, I was smiling and feeling much better!

After the boys went to bed, I decided to doodle a little bit more...
And, I am pleased to report that I went to bed feeling uber happy and full of positive energy!

Was is the doodles that made the difference? 

I don't know...
But, it sure feels like I Doodled Myself Happy!

BIG NEWS!!!!! (Updated 11/4/2011)
Hey wonderful ISOMIM folks...I have good news for you! Melissa at melissaAnne Colors, kindly offered a special discount for you!!  So, I hope that you take advantage of her kindness.  If you sign up by November 7 for the next 30-day Do the Doodle Challenge you get
$5 off! 
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