Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No. 51 - Stop Playing Small!

Today, I decided to start adding to my 50 Ways for a Mom to Connect with her Authentic Self, and number 51 is all about owning your greatness!

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Too often, when someone has thanked me for something, I respond, "Oh, it's nothing."

I truly think that I am being kind by saying it. 

But I am not.  Not to the other person - who is appreciating me for what I have done. 

Nor to myself.

In saying "Oh, it's nothing."  I dismiss their appreciation and disrespect them.
In saying "Oh, it's nothing."  I devalue what I have done and fail to recognize my impact on another.

I am playing small.

It's hard to not play small when the world tells us to not boast or brag or be too full of ourselves.  At times, playing small feels like the right thing to do.

I am realizing that it is not. 

I am realizing that I can be appreciated.
I am realizing that I do have value and that it is not boastful to simply acknowledge and recognize my impact on others.

So, now
I am learning to say "Thank You!  I appreciate your kind words."
I am learning to say "Thank You!"

and truly mean it.

How do you play small?
What if you tried to own your greatness?!!?


  1. Absolutely, Kim, saying "thank you" is a very hard thing to do! I feel embarrassed by compliments because I'm not used to being "seen" which goes way back to childhood. It will probably never be easy for me to receive them but "awareness" is everything!

  2. Vera-
    Agreed, awareness is everything! Thanks for stopping by!