Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today I choose...

Too often I have found myself letting life happen to me.  I get blindsided by a rude comment, or annoyed by an innocent suggestion, or bugged by someone else's negativity. 

And I react...I may get cranky, or feel bitter and resentful, or snap at my children and husband, or indulge in emotional eating. 

These reactions just happen.  Often unconsciously.  And then later I wonder why I am not happy.

What if, instead of reacting and letting life happen to me, I lived my life more intentionally.

What if every morning, I choose to be happy, or grateful, or forgiving?

What if every morning I choose to eat healthy or exercise or meditate?

What if every morning I consciously choose how I wanted to life my day? 

What if I picked 2-4 items each morning and decided, ahead of time, the focus of my day.

Would that change my life?  I am not sure - but I bet it would, at least change my day!


What do you choose for your today?