Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Been around the block...RIGHT?

It's not my first time around the block...or is it? 

I mean...I have been around the block many times - I have walked it, driven it, ridden my bike, and even ran around it a few times.

It is a simple block - just 5th, to Maple, to 4th, to Beech and back to 5th.  No curves.  No hills.  And only a few bumps in the sidewalk.

This time, it's the same block, but it is very different. 

This time, I didn't go.

But, they did -
All. By. Themselves.

Multiple times.

Four wheels, two helmets, and two pedaling boys.  (With no mom!)

How did this happen?  When did they get old enough to hop on their bikes and just go??? 

Not that long ago...
they couldn't even walk.

Not that long ago...
their little chubby legs couldn't even reach the pedals.

Not that long ago...
they were afraid to take off their training wheels.

Not that long ago...
they were so wobbly that they didn't ride very far.

But, I know, I know...  I watched them - as they learned to walk, and grew tall enough to pedal, and the training wheels were removed, and they said "Look at me mom!  Just 2 wheels!"  And, I saw them become more and more confident. 

So, I let them go.  Encouraged them, even!

Yep, today, was their first time around the block.

And, I guess, in a way, it was mine too!


  1. Oh my goodness, Kim! This gave me some serious goosebumps! ! Such big boys, and a big step for Mom, too!! Congrats to all!!!

    1. Jen, wow! Thank you! You are wonderfully sweet!!! The boys were so proud of themselves! :)