Friday, June 8, 2012

CANI! - Our Family's Summer Pratice!

Alex and Owen with their CANI! books.
The other day I was listening to a Tony Robbin's CD and he was speaking about his system of CANI!  According to Tony, CANI! is based on the Japanese have a word, kaizen, that means constant and never-ending improvement.  Basically the premise is that if you improve one tiny aspect of your life every single day, you can achieve amazing accomplishments in uncommon time.

It made sense to me.
So, in that moment, I made a decision that this summer our family would practice CANI!

On the CD, Tony spoke of three questions that he utilizes for CANI!.  The three questions are:
1) What did I learn today?
2) What did I improve or contribute today? and,
3) What did I enjoy today?

So, I made a cover for a book - that included the three questions.  And, I recruited my husband (who is a printer) to make four books - in which we will record our CANI's!.  Then, as a family, we identified the items that we want to individually improve this summer and listed these goals in our books.

Alex and Owen's five areas of improvement are:  1) Biking, 2) Sports, 3) Running, 4) Being Kind to each other and 5) Contributing to the Family.         FYI: They picked the first three, and Jeff and I added the other two.

Today, we made our first entry in our books and the boys were SO excited!

Alex drew a picture of him cleaning up the backyard which met his goal of contributing to the family.

Owen drew a picture of him and Alex enjoying playing to together, with related to his goal of being kind to his brother.

It was so fun to see them get invested in CANI!
I am looking forward to see how the whole project plays out!

p.s. -  Taking the concept of CANI! and turning it into our family project also serves as today's daily dose of Creativity for my Summer of Creativity!

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