Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Moment to Savor

My husband Jeff and I spent a fantastic long weekend at Martha's Vineyard!  The time there was so special that I kept wishing I could bottle up the entire experience.  So that, on a gloomy, stormy, rainy day (whether internally or externally) I could pull it out and, if only a little, experience it all over again.  It was one of those rare magical experiences and I drank it all in. 

As the ferry pulled away from the island dock, I consciously replayed the wonderful moments on the theatre in my mind.  I closed my eyes, squeezed Jeff's hand, and watched the movie.  A huge grin took over my face, as my giddiness exploded and my heart swelled!  I realized that I wanted - no, needed - to fully experience everything so that I could solidly adhere the moment to my heart.  And I did!

Now, four day later, I have done some reflection and realize that I rarely take the time to savor the significant moments of my life.  Instead, I have let them happen to me, and then, if I am lucky, I later realize how impactful the experiences were.  In fact, I had never comprehended doing anything different, until now.

My experience on Martha's Vineyard, was different.  And, I can't help but think that by consciously savoring the moment, I made this experience a gazillion times better!

Do you savor the moments of your life?

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