Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No. 26 - Remove What Makes You Unhappy

In my 50 Ways for a Mom to Connect with her Authentic Self, number 26 is all about getting rid of the stuff that causes unhappiness!

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And today, I made another step toward just that!  I have always despised cleaning.  But yet, I truly value living in a clean house...and have always tried to maintain such a home.  I believe I do a decent job (although my overly-orderly husband might think differently), but I am never happy about doing it.  Often the thought of tackling it hangs over my head like a dark cloud of dread.

After much discussion, and negotiating, Jeff and I agreed to find someone to clean our house monthly and today is the first day!  I am THRILLED!

Yes, I am OH, SO pleased that I did not have to take the time to clean.  Furthermore, during the time it took her to clean our house, I completed two large projects.  Plus, over the weekend, I didn't have to take the time to clean the house and was able to spend more quality time with my boys and Jeff.

But, just as important (and perhaps more so), not having the DREAD of cleaning is incredibly freeing!  I am happier and incredibly appreciative!  And now, sitting in my uber clean house (which, btw, smells amazing) after having a wonderfully productive morning is better than I ever expected! ...I even did a little happy dance!!!!!

It is clear to me, that the happiness and time that I have received is SO worth it!
I am SO worth it!

What have you gotten rid of to honor your happiness, time, and ultimately, YOURSELF?

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  1. Fantastic, Kim!! Everyone wins -- you, Jeff, the kids and the person who is paid for her wonderful work!