Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No. 18 - Take Time to Play with your Kids

In my 50 Ways for a Mom to Connect with her Authentic Self, number 43 is all about PLAY!
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"And I don’t mean playing with your kids simply in the spirit of pacifying them. I mean, full out, completely involved, playtime! Find a game or activity that both you and your children enjoy and dive in!"

Since the summer is winding down and school is starting this week, during this past weekend, I made it a priority to spend some quality time to simply  P L A Y  with my boys.  Currently, they are into Lego's and since I loved playing with those blocks as a child I decided to hang out in the playroom with my boys and build!  It was a blast!  Time flew by and before I knew it, two hours + had past.  The boys made wonderful creations - a tanker truck, a front end loader, a police car, plus more!  I, on the other hand put together a simple, old-school, skyscraper.  So much fun!

During those wonderful hours, I realized that too often I get caught up in all the doings (laundry, cleaning, filling out school paperwork, making sure they brush their teeth and eat mostly healthy meals, and teaching letters and numbers, manner, and...) of being a mom, that I sometimes forget about being the mom that I intend to be.

What is your fondest memory of a time that you really played with your kids?

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