Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 127 - Grubby, messy, yucky work.

My husband's printing company is going to be moving to a building that we just purchased.  A building that has been foreclosed upon and vacant for a few years.  Needless the building is in disarray and need repairs, and remodeling - but it has "good bones."
See the 4 rectangles of green wall paper?
There used to be 4 large posters of scantily dressed
large breasted women - until I tore them down!

And when I say "good bones", what I mean is it is made of cinderblocks, bricks, and other hardy "stuff".  So, basically, should there be a tornado heading in our direction, this is the building that, in all likelyhood, is the place to be.

Since we just got the keys last week, much of the work is ahead of us. 

So today, we (as in my husband, my in-laws, my boys and me) spent the day doing grubby, messy, yucky work.

What is grubby, messy, yucky work?  you ask...

It is...Tearing up and ripping out overgrown ivy (it had even found a way to grow into the building), picking up litter (bottles, McDonalds cups lids, broken toys, and piles of lord only know what), cleaning a disqusting bathroom that only a microbiologist could love and kicking through dry wall (just because I could) plus more fun stuff like that.
A sink in an office - don't know why!!??!
And, yep, pipes broke while the building was vacant!

When we arrived home, we sanitized the boys and ourselves and treated ourselves to dinner out. 

Now the boys are in bed, and I am exhausted. 

Truly exhausted.

So while I wish I has some spectacular insight about our day of grubby, messy, yucky, work. 

But, I got nothing! 

Nothing but achey and sore arms, legs, and back.

Oh, the joys of grubby, messy, yucky, work!

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