Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 129 - Storage Wars

The other day I talked about the Grubby, Messy, Yucky Work that I did over at the new (old) building for my husband's business.
A little OOPS happened to this one...Who knows what caused that!

Well, in addition to the building for the business, there are a few self-storage units on the property.  So when we got the keys, I was SOOOOO curious about checking out the storage units. 

I mean, I watch Storage Wars on the A&E channel, and the stuff that they sometimes find in abandon units is worth some serious cash-olly!

I should explain...  This property was foreclosed upon and owned by the bank and most of the storage unit were abandon for at least 1 year.  So, since we bought the building, the "stuff" inside is ours!

So there I was, dreaming of treasures, as we opened the doors, and all I saw was T R A S H! 

And, lots of it!  Piles of it, on top of more piles of it!  And, BONUS, some even included a crap load of mice poop!

Storage Wars treasures, not so much!

But I didn't walk away empty handed. 

I found something that I really like...

this is not the actual Dolly,
but this is what it looks like.
photo credit: Yvonne Emerson

I am the happy owner of an antique dolly.

Not sure what I am going to do with it, but I like it!

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  1. ooo - I would have been just as excited to see what was inside! I love that Storage Wars show - better luck to you next time. =)