Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 131 - The boys, Pitching in!!!!

We are doing more work at the new (old) building for my husband's business.

And it is a family affair!  Everyone is pitching in, including our two boys.  Some call it a violation of the child-labor laws...but shh...done tell them!
Alex, age 7, loved scraping up the flooring.
They have no clue that work is suppose to be no least for one of them...

There must be a gene that traveled from father to son (to one of them).  My husband, Jeff, loves to work.  Give him a big project - landscaping the entire yard, or taking down a tree, or building cabinets, or putting in a new window or door, or renovating a building - he is as happy as a clam. 

And, Alex, our oldest is SO much like him!  He tells me often "Mommy, I love to work."  Yesterday when I told the boys that we were going over to do some work on the building, after school, Alex got a huge grin on his face and jumped up and down in excitement.

Owen is a bit more like me.  He isn't that excited about work.  But, he is a good sport and pitches in - especially for smaller jobs that feel more manageable.  He really enjoyed moving the long pieces of molding.  He turned it into a game, by guessing with piece of molding would be the longest!

Owen (age 6) was having so much fun, that Alex
stopped what he was doing to help his brother.

Some piece were REALLY long!

I truly only expected to get about 45 minutes to 1 hour of work out of them, but two hours later, I was ready to be done!  So we packed it in and headed home.

Hopefully the novelty of helping out at the new building won't wear off too soon, because we have a LOT of work to do!!!!!!

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