Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 62 - Women on Fire Tea... Cleveland ROCKS!

Last night I had the opportunity to co-host a Women on Fire Tea with the amazing Jan Allen(and, while it is kind of Jan to say that I was a host...but truth be told, I merely coordinated some of the logistics...Jan was the amazing leader and facilitated of all the goodness that happened in the room!) 

It was the first ever, Women on Fire Tea in Cleveland.

And, it was WONDERFUL and MAGICAL!

Imagine gathering with fourteen women with no worries of judgement, cattiness, or one-upping. 

Imagine telling your story and being heard - truly heard.

Imagine sharing your dreams and being genuinely encouraged and cheered on.

Imagine sharing your struggles (and no one inserts their opinions or tells what to do or how to fix it) and you feel the warmth of compassion surrounding you.

And imagine being able to do that for the other women.

That is what I experienced last night (and at every Women on Fire event that I have attended) and I left there inspired!

What inspires you?


  1. Sounds like so much fun, Kim! As you may know, I live in Texas, but oddly enough, several of my LARGE clients are in Cleveland. These organizations solicited ME via Twitter and asked me to come on board as a health care journalist for their various publications.

    While I have clients all over the US and even in Europe, I love my Cleveland guys because the work I do for them really fits my niche and mission.

    I'm so happy that you were blessed to have participated in an event like this. I'm participating in the new Ricki Lake Show social media project and feel so empowered by it.


    1. Samantha-

      Thanks! I am so gald your Cleveland guys found you! There are lots of health care and medical professionals here! The Ricki Lake social media project sound interesting! And I love that you are empowered by it! Yeah!

      Again...thanks for stopping by and commenting I really appreciate it!