Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 69 - Energy Drains

Recently, someone asked me, "What gives you good energy?"  So, I have been thinking about that a lot. 

And, I have been identifying the stuff the fills me up with positive, rejuvenating energy.  But what is interesting, is that, while a few items like writing, and doodling, and reading I immediately knew brought me good energy, I found myself more easily able to identify the stuff that drains me.

Stuff like...
whiny, negative people
the "I'm a victim" mindset
whiny kids
a messy home
Jersey Shore
passive aggressiveness
not getting enough sleep
not following through with my promises or commitments (especially to myself)
being misunderstood
crappy, greasy food
feeling lonely
addictive iPhone games
Diet Coke
being overweight
not friends "friends"
too much wine
beating up on myself

And some of these things are easy for me to avoid - like Jersey Shore.  So I do.

And some of these things are impossible for me to avoid - like whiny kids.  So I accept it and figure out how to best deal.

Some of the other stuff is harder. 

But, I know that it would be best to minimize the I choose to walk away from and not engage with whiny, negative people and decide to not eat fast food, and when I catch myself feeling like a victim, I, instead, choose to be a problem solver, and when I hear my inner mean girl I conciously stop her chatter and if I am tired I go to bed early.  At least I try to do those things.  And, mostly it helps.

So, I found it very ironic that this morning, when I was thinking about these energy drains, I got my daily email from The Universe (a fun website that anyone can sign up to get daily inspirational messages) that said...

It's not as if one could be bored enough, feel frustrated enough, or complain enough that their life would suddenly turn around. Doesn't work that way.

Whatever anyone "is," Kim, they become more of. And anyone's is'ness is whatever they say it is.

The Universe

Isn't it funny how powerful messages arrive at just the right time?!!?

So, I am going to conciously try to have my "is'ness" be POSITIVE!

What is your is'ness?

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