Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 71 - Being a Monkey

Yesterday a good friend of mine, Mary Riley, had a spectacular open house for her new business Synergy Sports Massage.  Along with doing incredible sports massages, Synergy also offers Anti-Gravity Yoga

If you are wondering what Anti-Gravity Yoga is...imagine Cirque Du Soleil and then add Yoga.

At the Open House, the yoga instructors were there and we had the opportunity to try some poses.

Massage Therapist Maria
in "Monkey Pose"
And, being the non-svelte and overweight woman that I (currently) am, I was a bit unsure about hang upside down.  Many people were trying it out, and "Monkey Pose" looked simple enough.  So I decided "what the hell" and tried to attempt it. 

But when I was in the hammock getting into position, I was a wee-bit scared.

Who am I kidding...I was scared to death! 

I was afraid that I wasn't strong enough.  And, that I was too fat to do it.  And, that I would look ridiculous.  And, of course, I was afraid that I would fall on my head and make a big scene!  The last thing that Mary needed at her Open House was a 911 call and the drama of paramedics whisking me away on a stretcher.

So I almost didn't do it.  In fact, I got off the hammock and walked away, momentarily giving up. 

But, I went back.  And tried again.  Thankfully, Amy, my instructor was incredibly patient and encouraging.  (Thanks AMY!) 

And I did it! 
I hung upside down like a monkey!  And it felt so good - crazy, but GOOD!

Me, hanging out, after being a monkey!

For me, the best part was that I pushed through my fear!!!

How have you pushed through your fear?

ps... And, now, I can't wait to sign up for some Anti-Gravity Yoga classes!  I know they are going to ROCK!

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