Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 91 - One Crazy Bird

On Friday morning, I was awaken by a weird tapping noise at the glass door in our bedroom.  This door, opens to the fenced in backyard.  I immediately thought my kids (who are earlier birds) were being goofy.  So I got up and looked outside - but there were no kids in sight.  Only a robin, who flew away as soon as he saw me.

So, I got back in bed and snuggled in.  It was early, I figured I could get a little more shut-eye.

TAP, TAP, TAP.  The tapping started again.

I slowly got out of bed and walk toward the door and our 90 pound chocolate lab, Mocha, joined me.  As soon as we could see the door, we saw a robin, fly directly into the glass.  Mocha immediately charged toward the door, and barked at the bird.  The bird took off, in a panic.

I figured that the bird was scared off and that was the end of that.  I also figured that more sleep was not going to happen, so I got up and started my day.

An hour later, I went back into my bedroom to grab some laundry and I heard it again.  TAP, TAP, TAP.  The robin was back and he kept flying into the door, and then perch on the fence, and then he'd fly into the door, and back to perch...time and time again.  Bizarre.

So, I googled it.  (I guess it's not that bizarre.)

And I found out that the reflection of the glass, often tricks a bird into believing another robin is invading it's space.  So the bird tries to fight off the other robin.  There were a couple of suggestions about how to get the bird to stop - one was to close the curtains.  So I did.  I waited a minute or two, and hear no more tapping.  Problem solved.

Or so I thought...

This 6:00 am!    TAP, TAP, TAP.

The bird was back (even though the blind were closed)!  DRAT!  My half-asleep, half-awake self, remembered another google tip and shuffled to the computer, to printed out a picture of a big hawk.  I taped it on the window.  A picture of a predator, would certainly scared off the wee, little robin.

And, it was quiet.  YEAH!  So I dozed back off to sleep.

TAP, TAP, TAP.   TAP, TAP, TAP.              TAP, TAP, TAP.


I printed off a BIGGER hawk - this time with it's wings spread.  And, hung it on the outside of the window.

Quiet.  It worked!!!!!  But, at this point, I was clearly awake for the day.  Again, sleeping-in had eluded me.

Two hours later, I was enjoying a bath, while my boys and husband were running errands.  Ahhh...almost as good as extra sleep, RIGHT?  And then I heard it...

TAP, TAP, TAP.          TAP, TAP, TAP.   TAP, TAP, TAP.  

Damn!  That is one Crazy Robin!

I googled it again, but the only solutions I found I had already tried.  I was at a loss.

A few hours later, I noticed that the bird was gone and the tapping had ended.  And, now it is well into the evening and the robin has not returned.

But, I am guessing that tomorrow morning, I might be awaken to another round of  "Taps"

We shall see...


  1. Kim! A neighbor of mine had the SAME PROBLEM! I bought her a pinwheel and we taped it to the outside od the window, and the robin NEVER showed up again!!! Perhaps give that a try? Lol!!! Best wishes for sleeping in, too ;)

  2. We had it for almost an entire summer. We tried every internet trick and the bird would always find another window. I made stained glass window ornaments to distract the bird. We tried pictures of other birds. We put newspaper on the windows. We even bought an owl from a home improvement store that had motion detection. Like I said - the bird would just find a new window. Our bird would start around 5:00AM!!! I'll never forget that annoying bird...or it's sound!!! Good Luck!