Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 75 - Happy 10th Birthday Mocha!

Today, our 90 pound Chocolate lab, Mocha, turns 10 years old!  She has been such a wonderful part of our family.  So, today in honor of Mocha's birthday, here is a story about her and her best bud.

Starting when Alex, my oldest (now 7 years old), was just 3 months old, a surefire way to see him smile and giggle was Mocha.  Whenever Mocha was near, Alex would watch her - following her every move!  And, as soon as he could, he reached out and grabbed for her.  Throughout Alex's first year, he began to interact with Mocha more, by giving her chew toys and playing tug.  Mocha was always so gentle!  And Alex was enthralled with her!

They were each other's first playmate.  And it was adorable to watch our cute chubby baby playing with this large, dopey-looking dog.  They seemed to truly understand each other at some level.

So, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised...but I was...

One evening Jeff (my husband), Alex (about 1 year old at the time) and I were in the family room and Mocha bounded into the room.  Alex immediately looked up at her and with a big grin, he spoke his first word...  "Mo-kahh".

Jeff and I looked at each other. 
"Did he just say 'Mocha'?"  I asked.
Jeff replied, "I think so."
And then, as if to prove himself, Alex again exclaimed, "Mo-kahhh!"

Yep, my Alex's first word was not, "Mama" (much to my dismay), or even "Dada".  Nope, it was "Mocha!"

And, I suppose it is fitting - since they are such good friend!

Happy 10th Birthday Mocha!
(that's 70 years old, to you and me)

What was your child's first word?

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