Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 66 - Levi the Levy Guy

On Day 39 I shared with you that I was on a committee for the School Levy election.  And, today is the election!

I am sitting at an election watch party.  While many in other parts of the USA are watching to see if Mitt, Rick, or Newt will win Ohio, we are glued to the results for the School Levy.

And, with 40% of the vote in it is looking good!

While I am waiting for the rest of the results, I thought I would introduce you to Levi the Levy Guy.

Mocha, our Chocolate Lab and Levi

He was showed up all over Facebook, encouraging folks to vote for the levy.  And, HE is what made working on the election committee a wee bit more fun than I expected!

And Doggone it, I am happy about that!

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