Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 74 - Acknowledging and Celebrating

For a long time, I have known that I have a hard time acknowledging and celebrating my accomplishments.  In my mind, stuff I do is "no big deal" or worse yet, "should have been better or more."

 It is so easy for me to dismiss or diminish anything that I do.  Second nature, perhaps?

 This theme runs rampant in my life...
  • A committee that I am the chair of wins an award and I reply..."Well, I am sure that there weren't many other people who applied."
  • I complete a triathlon and I reply..."Yep, but it was only a sprint triathlon."
  • I get a compliment and I reply..."Oh it's no big deal."

And, again today, the end of 21 Day Challenge that I successfully accomplished, and I should have felt thrilled!  Yet instead, I felt like it wasn't good enough - "I should have done more."  "I should have pushed myself harder."  "I half-assed it."  "It was too easy."...  Yep, I diminished and dismissed my accomplishment, as usual.

But today, during a conversation with Coach Joelle and friends, I became aware of something different.  (spoiler alter:  Aha Moment occurred) 

I realized that the acknowledgement and celebration is not just about the fluffy "Rah Rahs" and "WooHooies".  It's not just about the confetti and balloons.
Nope, Acknowledging and Celebrating is so much more!
Acknowledging and Celebrating is about:
1st, owning who I am and
2nd, experiencing the joy of life! 
(dare I say, "experiencing the joy of my life?!!?")

Diminishing and dismissing JOYSeriously?

That seems absolutely ridiculous!!!!!

So, while I am exactly sure what to do from here, this awareness is a big, HUGE, deal! 

And that, makes me smile!


  1. Kim
    Your blogging so many times talks about me and it is scary. Congrats on the Aw Ha.
    This is huge.

    1. Margo - THANKS! It is good to know I am not alone! I appreciate it! :) Kim