Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 100 - WooHooies!

Triple digits!

This year, around the beginning of February, my son Owen, a kindergartner celebrated his first 100 days of school!  The year before, Alex (then in kindergarten) did the same.  I guess this is the thing to do in kindergarten classes across the country (I don't remember this when I was in school!).

For 100 day celebrations the kids...

Build with 100 Legos
Wear glasses in which the eye holes are the zeros in 100
Count 100 pennies
Make art with 100 pieces of pasta
String a paper chain across the room with 100 links
Throw 100 pieces of confetti
Stack 100 blocks
Plus more!

It is a BIG DEAL!

So, today is 100 days into 2012!
Today, is my 100th day of daily blogging!

I guess it's time to celebrate!  And, I am sure that there are at least 100 ways to celebrate...
but am picked just one...
I read a good book and am drinking a glass of wine.



  1. Yes! Congratulations! 100 DAYS! WOOO HOOOOO

    X0 Josie

  2. Thanks for encouraging us all. Celebrate!