Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 110 - Mama's got a New pair of Shoes

Some days, a little shoe retail therapy is what is neccesary.

I typically do not like to shop.  But the good thing about shopping for shoes is that trying them is not like trying on clothes.  There is no nasty internal dialouge about my body when I try on shoes.  I do not curse my feet, when a certain pair of shoes do not work for me.  When my toes look stubby in a sandal, I do not take it personally.  And, even, after being pregnant, when my feet went up one size, I was not condeming myself about moving to a larger size.

The thing is, my feet are simply my feet.  Not really sexy.  Not really ugly.  Just my feet.  And I don't want them to be anything different than they are.

So shopping for shoes is fun!  I get to try on different styles and pick what works best for me.

I am pretty pratical and simple when it comes to shoes.

Being uncomfortable, getting blisters, or having painful feet, is not my idea of a good shoe.  I don't care how nice a shoe looks on, if it is not comfortable, I will NOT buy it.

So, when I do find shoes that fit well, are comfortable, and are cute (at least in my eyes) then, WooHooies!  I feel great!

Yesterday, a friend and I went shopping for shoes.  And I found a couple pairs of shoes that fit all of my requirements and I walked out of the store, bags in hand, a wee-bit happier.

Yep, mama's got a new pair of shoes!

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