Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 111 - Diet Coke: kicked to the curb!

I have given up Diet Coke.  Again!

This time, I am doing it because I want to - not because someone else told me I should.  That's why I did it last time.  But - I am thankful that I did give it up before, because I learned how I felt without it.

And, when I started to "dabble" in it again, I swore, I would only occasionally drink it.

I started out with just one a day.  And I justified by saying that it was "my coffee."

But, there is something about Diet Coke.  It's like potato chips, and crack.  It's nearly impossible to have just one, and after a few, I am completely addicted.

So soon enough, I was pounding them back, like a good Irishman on St. Patrick's day.

And then, I noticed how horrible I felt.  The middle of the day, I was dragging and yawning like crazy.  So, I thought that the answer was to have another Diet Coke.  And then I realized... Aha!!!!...when I wasn't drinking Diet Coke, that high and low energy roller coaster hadn't happened.

Hum...interesting.  Perhaps, Diet Coke is an evil liquid... (insert sound of menacing Diet Coke Can - "Bwaah Haa Haa!")

So I decided to give it up again.  But it took me a couple of months, after realizing how much better I felt, to actually commit to do it.

About three weeks ago I quit.  Cold Turkey quit.  To reduce the caffeine-withdrawal headaches, I have been drinking tea.  But, with tea, I can stick to a cup (2 at the most) in a day.

And yes, I feel better.  Much better.

It is amazing, that for years - YEARS - I loved Diet Coke.  Loved it!  I poo-poohed all the people who suggested that it was bad for me.  Where ever I went, a Diet Coke was with me.  Like a best friend, by my side.

Well, I kicked that friend to the curb (insert my menacing  laugh "Bwahh, Haa, Haa!")  BFF's no more! 

Little did I know how toxic that friendship was!

What is something (or dare I say someone) that is toxic in your life?
I double dog dare you to kick it to the curb!

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  1. Good job Kim! I know that is so hard, although my addiction is to things like chocolate, cookies, etc. etc.