Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 109 - Advice to a 25 year old...

I was reading the May issue of O Magazine.  The issue is all about "How To Get Better With Age."  And there is an article entitled "A Thing or Two I Wish I Knew" in which folks are asked what advice they would give to their 25 year old self.

Whoopi Goldberg's advice to her younger self: "Stay out of your own way."

Shirley Maclaine's advice: "Regardless of how outrageous it may seem, ask for guidance from your higher self and follow it.  Also, don't eat so much sugar."
So, of course that got me thinking about the advice I would give my 25 year old self.

Me, circa 1994
When I was 25 years old, it was 1994-1995.  During that year, I was living in Chicago, which I loved!  Living in the city was a big adventure and I loved how in two short years I felt like I "conquered" Chi-Town!  Three months prior to my 25th birthday, I would graduate with my Masters degree and secure my first "real job".  I was preparing to moving to a small Wisconsin town and had mixed feelings about it.  Hopelessly single, I was disappointed that I hadn't met Mr. Wonderful yet.  But I busied myself with friends, studies, and city-life.  Overall, it is a year that I look back on with much fondness.

So what would I say to her - the 25 year old me?  What advice would I give her?

I think I would say...


Believe in yourself!  Quit downplaying who you are and what you do!  Trust much more fabulous than you think!

And, please, stop eating all that crappy food!  Those people who you think are "health freaks" are really the smarter ones!


What advice would you give to your 25 year old self?

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