Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 117 - Confessions of a Crappy Housewife

Recently, I realized that, since my boys are in school full days, most of the fun parts of being a Stay-At-Home-Mom are happening less and less. 

Let me explain.  When the boys were home all day and we did a lot more "fun activities" (like creating crafts for grandparents, or exploring different places in Cleveland, or finger painting, or nature scavenger hunts, or obstacle courses, or watching construction site, or touring chocolate factories, or taking music classes, or...I could go on) then we do now. 

So now, when they get home from school, there isn't much time for that kind of fun.  At 4pm they walk in the door and then it's time for snacks, and some down time, dinner, homework, and then they are off to bed.

While, I love the freedom I now have between 8:30am-3:30pm, I find that what left for me, as a Stay-At-Home-Mom, is all the stuff, that I used to fit in, in between all the fun activities.  And that is all the CRAPPY STUFF.

You know, all that "housewife" stuff like...
Cleaning, vacuuming, grocery shopping, dusting, scrubbing toilets, mopping floors, cooking, laundry, stripping bed, organizing closets, reorganizing drawers, etc...

And, I don't really care for ANY of those things. 

To me there is nothing motivating about piles of laundry screaming to be done... especially since as soon as I get a basket empty, it is filled again. 

As far as vacuuming goes, I believe that the only redeeming part of a vacuum cleaner is the noise used to block out the screams of fighting boys, but now that they are in school most of the day, I am not quite sure of its purpose.  Perhaps it's those tread marks on the carpet, which can be a useful visual when asked "What did you do all day?" 

Cleaning bathrooms is as fun as getting poked in the eye a few hundred times.  Seriously, how do two creatures, under 4 feet tall, make that room such a mess?  And, how does toothpaste end up splattered across the entire mirror after just one brushing?  They must spit like the Buckingham Fountain when I am not watching. 

Dusting?  Don't get me started... it just seems like a pointless undertaking - the dust always returns...Plus, isn't dust is more fun if it is thick enough to write your name in it? 

I could go on...about how much I dislike housework.  But, I suppose I should stop now, since my husband just pulled in the driveway, and I have no clue what we are having for dinner. 


Clearly, I suck as a housewife!

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