Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 107 - An Open Letter to those who advise moms to enjoy their children while they are young.

Dear Well-Meaning Peeps:

I understand that you mean well, but, I feel compelled to share a few of my thoughts.

I am tired of people saying "Take the time to enjoy your children, while they are young, because this time goes by so fast."

I am feed up with people telling me, "Be sure to appreciate this time with your kids!"

These are the comments, I tend to get when I tell people that I want to find "something for ME."

I know, that these comments are well intentioned... But, embedded in those statements, there is an underlying assumption that I do not appreciate or enjoy my time with my boys right now.

Guess what... I do enjoy them!  I do appreciate this time in their lives.

I love their curiosity.  And their innocence.  I love doing fun activities with them and watching them experience new things.  I love cuddling and snuggling.  And I love tickling them and hearing their giggles.  I also love the sounds of them playing together and listening to their conversations.  Their imagination and creativity is amazing!  And I love to witness their naive brilliance!  There is SO much about right now, that I love!

But it is true, there are times that I don't appreciate.  Like their fights and arguments that I have to break up.  And their inappropriate farting noises that they, of course, think is wildly funny.  And I do not enjoy when they don't listen to me, and when they lie to me ("I did wash my hands!" - yet I know that no water was turned on).  And I don't like their whining!  It grates on my nerves.

And please do not expect me to enjoy and appreciate all those things!

I am a mom, and I love my kids. 

But I am more than just Alex and Owen's mom.  My name is Kim.  I am a real live person with passions, interests and activities that I want to pursue.

So please, understand that I do savor this time that I have with my young boys.  And, when I mention that I need to find "something for ME" do not dismiss my importance as a human, by suggesting all of this time - while they are young - should be spent enjoying my children.

Thank you for your understanding!



  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful, honest voice, Kim. I think there is a fabulous ME in that MOMMY of YOU!

    1. Awww, thanks Jamie! I appreciate it! :)