Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 121 - Kickin' it with Kenny!

Earlier this year I posted about my friend, Mary's new business, Synergy Sports Massage.  At her facility she offers Anti Gravity Yoga - which I love!

Well, today, the local Fox New station featured Synergy on the morning news!!!!
Mary, being interviewed about Anti Gravity Yoga
The reporter, Kenny Crumpton is a Cleveland celebrity and he has a segment called Kickin' it with Kenny where he highlights various local events, businesses, and other stuff and today Kenny tried out Anti Gravity Yoga!

Kenny broadcasting live
from Synergy Sports Massage

It was so awsome to watch Mary and her fabulous yoga instructors shine! 

Yoga Instructor, Amy, teaching Kenny vampire pose
Kenny did at least four different Anti Gravity yoga moves and all of it was live on Cleveland's Fox News! 

How cool is that?!!!?


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