Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 11 - Hump Day Happy: Winter

At ISOMIM, Wednesday is all about HAPPINESS! Each week I will list ten happy thoughts about a specific topic.

Last Week's Hump Day Happy was all about Childhood Memories.

This week is all about Winter!
Things about Winter that brings a smile to my face are...
  1. Sledding with my boys.
  2. The beauty of each unique snow flake.
  3. Hot chocolate.
  4. Cuddling by a warm fire.
  5. Trees coated with fresh snow.
  6. Snow Angels and Snowmen.
  7. Big icicles glimmering in the sun light.
  8. Snow crunching under boots.
  9. No bugs.
  10. The silence that only snow can bring.
What about winter makes you happy?

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