Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 17 - Fast Food Free for 366 days!

On December 31, 2011, I ate my last fast food food for 366 days.  And while I am only 17 days into my commitment, I am pleased to say that I have not caved.  In fact, I am overjoyed to tell you that it has been relatively easy!

Whenever the idea of just grabbing a "quick bite to eat" enters my brain - and I imagine McDonald's, or Burger King - I immediately erase it from my mind.  It is simply not an option.

I am embarrassed to admit how frequently my car headed toward the drive-thru and I thought that it would be SO hard to stop.  Because fast food was so simple.  So easy.  SO convenient. 

But I have found other eating habits that are simple, easy, and convenient.  It just takes a bit of planning.  Tonight, with various events that I have at my sons' school, is one of those times that I would have picked up fast food for me and the kids.  Instead, my plan is to grab sandwiches and have a picnic dinner at the school in between meetings. 

So, while I am surprised that this has been easy (thus far), I am joyfully flabbergasted about how much better I feel. 

My energy is higher.  I do not feel as sluggish.  And, I do not crave the grease like I used to. 


So today, as I sit here, two weeks into my fast free year, I am thrilled!

I would imagine there may be times in the future that it may become more difficult (like during our planned summer road trip), but my intention is to prevail - and I am confident that I will!  And that feels good!

What do you think would be incredibly difficult to give up?
What if it is easier than you think?!!?


  1. Keep it up!!! Someone challenged me on "fast food." Does Subway count? I said no. =)

  2. Jack and Jamie -- I don't think Subway counts. There are some menu items that don't qualify as healthy and certainly would qualify as "fast food" in the sense that they have caloric ratios that are off the charts for healthy eating (in a bad way). But, they have many nutritious and healthy choices, unlike most fast food establishments I've seen. I mean, c'mon McDonalds -- just because you offer apple slices with my kid's fries and fried nuggets doesn't make your meal a healthy (or Happy, pun intended) choice. That said, there's nothing wrong with it once in a while...it's figuring out what once in a while means and sticking to that concept that matters. ;-)