Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 13 - Baby, it's COLD outside!

At 6:15am this morning, I awoke to "Mom! Did you see all the snow out there?!!?"  Alex and Owen could not contain their excitement!  They stared out the window in glee!

Winter and snow has finally hit us here in Cleveland.  While it's a cold smack in the face, it is certainly not a take-down punch.  So, no snow day, today, for the boys.  No matter, because they were thrilled at the thought of heading outside and trampling through the snow on the way to the bus stop.

Their big smiles remind me of how excited I used to get
about the first snowfall of the season when I was a kid!

So, after breakfast, my boys eagerly slid on their snow pants, buckled up their boots, put on their thick parkas, grabbed their hats, mittens, and scarves to go out into the elements.  Their enthusiasm and energy was contagious!

So while the bitter cold, the slippery roads, the mucky slush, and shoveling are no fun, I can not help to feel a little jubilant about the white blanket I see out my windows!

So, from here in Cleveland, I wish you a Happy Winter Day!
And I hope you can stay inside, 'cuz Baby, it's COLD outside!

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  1. What a super picture! I think my kids were just as excited! The wind was just bitter though! It didn't matter, my son trudged and tumbled and threw plenty of snow balls waiting for the bus (which was late)...gave him extra time to play! He was loving it! Glad your little ones enjoyed our first real day of winter in Cleveland 2012! Yay!