Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 21 - Even when it would be easier not to.

One of my goals for 2012 is to become healthier.  This has been a goal of mine for many year now...and so, I wonder, "What do I need to do differently to succeed?"  A conclusion that I have recently come to, is that I need to persist, even when it would be easier not to.  And today is a perfect example of what I mean...

I arrived home around 3:00pm after spending two days and one night in Erie, PA with one other adult and four boys, ages 7, 7, 5 and 4 at Splash Lagoon (an indoor waterpark).  Needless to say, I got very little sleep the night before, and after the zooiness of the waterpark plus the two hour drive home, I was T.I.R.E.D! 

But, I realized that, to keep the promise that I had made to myself, I needed to exercise for at least thirty minutes before the days end.  And, honestly, it sounded like a horrible idea and I didn't know if I was actually going to keep my promise!

So, when I got home, I wasn't eager to do much more than sit.  So I sat. I chatted with my husband, and relaxed.  But around 4:45pm, I decided that maybe I should get my butt in gear, keep my promise and go to the gym.  My plan was simply to walk around the track, so I got into my workout clothes and headed out the door.  When I arrived, I was informed that they were closing in five minutes.

My initial reaction was "CRAP and YEAH!" all at the same time.

As I left, I thought, "Well, there is my answer, I guess I won't workout today."

On the way home, the thought crossed my mind, "I could use the Wii and get my workout in."

But when I arrived home, I heard the boys playing baseball on the Wii. 

So, I thought, "Well, that seals the deal...I guess I am not working out today."  (I mean I couldn't make them stop playing...only a mean, selfish mom, would do that...RIGHT?!!?)

I am not sure what possessed me (other than the mean, selfish mom part of me).  But I walked into the family room, booted my kids off the Wii, popped in the Wii Zumba and got my groove on.

I surprised the <beep> out of myself...I persisted!  Yep, even when it would have been easier not to!

Excuse me for a moment, while I do a little cheer for myself...  WooHooies!

When did you persist even when it would have been easier not to?

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