Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 29 - My Internal War.

Yep, it's just one of those days! 

I tried really hard to fight it.  I tried to wish it away.  And ignore it.

But my friend (or not), Mr. Grumpy-Dump, is here. 

Truth be told, I think he has been lurking for a few days now.  And today I could not dismiss him any more.  You see, he started kibitzing with my Inner Mean Girl.  And to that I say - "BLECK!!!!!"  

When those two get together it is never, EVER, fun for me. 

Today, my Inner Mean Girl and Mr. Grumpy-Dump are comrades waging, a full-out internal war against me.

And, I am trying to dodged the bullets.

But, truth be told, some of those bullets, that I am avoiding, I know I need to take.  Yep, it is true...I need to own them! They are bullets that I brought on myself.

However, most of those other bullets are just plain mean.  They are low blows that are bitchy, unfair, and jarring.  My Inner Mean Girl and Mr. Grumpy-Dump are shooting bullets, laced with my insecurities, fears and vulnerabilities.

Because those are their weapons of choice.

It's not fun.  It feels lousy!  But, nonetheless, this battle is occurring.

And so, I acknowledge it.  Observe.  And take action and make decisions about which bullets are mine to take, and which are ones that are not worthy of my thoughts and time.

Not easy, at all.

But the good news is, that my only real choice, is to put my Inner Mean Girl, and Mr. Grumpy-Dump to bay and for me to prevail. 

And, knowing that is way more than half the battle!

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