Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 28 - I Believe...

Inspired by Jamie Eslinger's post entitled "I'm a Believer" I decided that today I would create a list of what I believe...

You know...those things, located deep inside the soul, that are truths.

I believe...
     that hugs, kisses, and a listening ear can help to cure almost everything.
     in authenticity.
     love is worth the wait.
     miracles are everywhere.
     stories matter.
     in the magic of Christmas.
     that facing a fear is less painful than fearing it.
     doodles have meaning.
     that it is every one's responsibility to evolve and grow.
     in goodness.
     happiness is a choice.
     in stepping outside of comfort zones.
     dreams are achievable.
     there is a higher power.
     we are each more powerful than we know.
     in moments of serendipity.
     secrets are harmful.
     in the power of the creative process.
     things happen for a reason.

What do you believe?

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