Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 18 - Hump Day Happy: Words!

At ISOMIM, Wednesday is all about HAPPINESS! Each week I will list ten happy thoughts about a specific topic.

Last Week's Hump Day Happy was all about Winter.

This week is all about Words!

This is what makes me happy about WORDS:
  1. Words create stories.  Stories tell a person's truth.
  2. Finding the perfect word, to describe the exactly what I want to say, is galvanizing!
  3. Some words, like shenanigans, buffoon, scrumptious, juxtaposition, and dynamo are so utterly and wonderfully visible in the mind's eye.
  4. Words have the ability to bring us together.
  5. Words can be weaved words together so magically that somehow, they become weaved into my soul.
  6. Words describe feelings. Feelings explain and enrich a person's story.
  7. Silence is often the most powerful word.
  8. Words break rules.  Sometimes it is good to break the rules.
  9. Like us, words are always evolving.
  10. I get to pick and choose which words I listen to.  And, I choose to hear ones that lead me towards my dreams!

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