Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5: Wii got with the times!

Santa was good to us on December 25, 2011.
Under our tree, sat a Wii. 

A Wii that the boys know how to use, because all their friends have one.

A Wii that our boys are teaching us how to use, because "Mom, even Grandma and Poppy have one!"

A Wii that now has at least 30 Mii people loaded onto the Mii channel, because our boys insisted on creating Mii characters for EVERYONE they know.

A Wii that teaches them how to box - a sport that I just do not understand.

A Wii to learn the important nuances of curling - another sport that I don't get.

A Wii that they love...and fight over.

A Wii that has Wii Fit...which made my Mii character a wee-bit (Wii-bit?) wider than I would prefer.

A Wii that told me that I am dreadfully "unbalanced" (time and time again) when I attempted to hit soccer balls off my head.

A Wii that not only threw soccer balls at my head, but cleats and fat pandas, that I seemed to be able to "head" really well.

A Wii that, I am pretty sure, is responsible for this morning's pathetic hobble to the bathroom - damn those sore calves that the Wii made me use.

A Wii that, really, I love.

Seriously, how could I not, when Wii deemed me a "Zumba Legend" this morning?!!!?

Yep, Santa was good to us...and finally, Wii got with the times.
Next year, maybe Santa could put a flat screen TV under our tree!

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