Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2 - Detox

This month's mini-theme is detox...As in no alcohol <gasp...No wine?!!?> for 30 days in January.  (Yes, I do know that January has 31 days.  I am allowing myself one day to imbibe.)

Let me explain why I decided on this mini-theme.

I love wine.
I love the bliss of wine after a long day.
I love the bliss of wine to celebrate a good day.
I love wine with a good dinner out.
Did I mention?...I love wine.

Each night, the boys head to bed, and I head to get my glass of wine - or two, or....

Wine has become the wind-down ritual of most days.

I have wondered about this ritual...

It is really a good idea?
How does it effect my "I am not a morning person" mornings?
Do I love wine too much?
Should I stop drinking?

And, I don't have complete answers to those I decided to investigate it further.

So last night, the Detox began. 

I have to admit...I wanted to grab a glass...
so I did...

a glass of Hot Chocolate.

And, my husband and I watched a phenomenal documentary (more about that tomorrow) and day one of my wine-detox was a success!

What could you give up for thirty days?
I double dog dare you :)


  1. Uh-Oh, a Double Dog Dare?? I'm wondering if I could give up Pepsi for 30 whole days. Frankly, I wonder if I can give it up for 30 whole minutes. I guess anything that has that much importance in my life should be reviewed for its benefits though, right? No promises... but I may actually give this a try!

  2. Kim, this is awesome! What a great thing to test! I get into that habit as well and know many people that do. Likewise, there are times I don't touch the stuff for months, but it doesn't mean I don't want it. Ironically, like your first day of detox, my husband and I have had a many wonderful days and nights without the 'glass'. Such a great post and very bold of you to have the courage to put that out there. Not many would. I look forward to your success and hearing about your month!

  3. Amber- Thanks so much! Happy New Year!! :)

  4. Beth...I triple dog dare you to do it...promises and all ;) -Kim