Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4: Hump Day Happy: Childhood Memories

Today I am introducing:

At ISOMIM, Wednesday is all about HAPPINESS!  Each week I will list ten happy thoughts about a chosen topic.

Today's Hump Day Happy is all about Childhood Memories!

Some of the childhood memories that bring a smile to my face are...

1)  Summer nights of playing Kick-the-Can with my neighborhood friends.

2)  Winter days spent building snow forts and having snowball fights.

3)  My mom reading the entire Little House on the Prairie series to me and my brothers and sister.

4)  Playing Ladder Tag at my neighbor's pool, all summer long.

5)  My brothers and sister shooting rubber bands at my diapers and chasing me around the house.

6)  Playing Clue.

7)  Camp Fitch!...winning an archery award, celebrating my birthday with the "order of the oar", jumping on the trampoline, sailing, sleeping under the stars, canoeing, camp fires with crazy songs...

8)  The woods next to my grandma's house and running through the well-worn paths.

9)  Spending many summer days exploring the path of a local creek with friends...wading through knee deep-water, tentatively making our way through tunnels, finding frogs and tadpoles, hopping from rock to rock, and coming home soppin' wet and muddy.

10) Getting my very own library card after learning to spell my first and last names.

What childhood memories make you happy?


  1. I love thinking about how my daddy brought me fresh cut flowers from his garden almost everyday, how we used to lie on the couch together when I was 5 and stay up late watching t.v. in the summer, how he used to think I just hung the moon. I miss you, Daddy.

    I love remembering about how my mom and I had a special mom & daughter day out every Tuesday from when I was about 5 years old until I was grown and gone. We still have mom & daughter days when she makes it up to Houston (which is often), but they now include my daughter, so it's mom & daughter & and granddaughter days.

  2. medtopicwriter, I love hearing your memories. Sounds blissful! Thanks for sharing!