Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 19 - Six word to describe YOU!

In a previous post, (HERE), I first wrote about Larry Smith's Six-Word Memoir.  Recently, I have thought about that post and wondered how I would sum my life up in six words now, almost 2 years later.  And then, serendipitously, yesterday I was reading through my February 2012 issue of O Magazine I came across is a feature about this very topic.

And, when serendipity speaks, I listen!  So, today's post asks the question:  How would you describe YOU in just 6 words?

Oprah's six words are "Seeking the fullest expression of self."

Gayle King's six words are "I am definitely in my zone."

So, of course I decided to create a second edition of my six word memior.  And, it amazing to me how much can change in 2 years!

This is what I have come up with thus far...

Living as authentically as I can!
Was Lost.  Found Passions.  Achieving Dreams!
Last one in Kindergarten. Ahhhh, Freedom!
One day I will be thin.
Must create daily to live fully!
I Dare to Dream and Believe!
Kids are wonderful, but not everything!
Inspired to share myself with others.

What six words best describes YOU?

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