Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 37 - The Hardy Boys are Back!

As a kid, my brothers read the entire Hardy Boys series, and I remember reading many Nancy Drew books.  So when my parents where sorting through stuff, and asked me if my boys would like the Hardy Boys books I immediately said "YES!".  At the time my boys were still in diapers and could barely speak, let alone read...but I figured that one day, maybe they would enjoy them.

Fast forward 6 years...

On a lark, one evening, in January, at bedtime, I grabbed book one of the Hardy Boys and began reading it to Alex and Owen.  Little did I know how much they would love hearing about the adventures of Frank and Joe Hardy!  We are now into our third book and they are still mesmerized by the boys' sleuthing.

Perhaps it is because it is a story about brothers, or maybe they love the crazy detective work that these young boys are involved in...but whatever the reason is, I couldn't be happier!  Every night Alex and Owen race to get on their PJ's so that we can read more about Frank and Joe's most recent mystery.  I know that as I read, they can not understand every word (and truth be told, there are a few word that are foreign to me), but nonetheless they (we) follow the story and are completely engrossed. 

Throughout the story, I am often reminded, that these books were written in a different era.  So, I find myself changing words that, when written in 1950's were completely acceptable, but today are outdated (ex. "Indians" became "Native Americans" and "queer" became "odd").  I also, often wish that Mrs. Hardy might do something other than make lunches and worry about her sons and husband.  And, I am a bit bugged about how the author portrays their buddy Chet as "a plump boy who loved to eat."

But I look past all of that, because my boys cuddle up next to me and for 20 minutes or so, we, together, go on an adventure.  And, this adventure is much bigger than the mysteries that Frank and Joe solve in 200 pages, or less. 

It is a adventure filled with imagination, wonder, and possibilities!

And hopefully, this adventure continues as they grow...and that both Alex and Owen keep refueling their imaginations, wonder and possibilities by reading!

It's motherhood moments like these that I treasure!

What motherhood moments do you treasure?

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