Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 58 - I can not imagine...

This morning when I watched the news about the shooting at Chardon High School (a Cleveland-area school district), I found myself overwhelmed with emotions. My mouth opened wide in disbelief. My eyes filled with tears in sorrow. My heart swelled with compassion.

I can not imagine being a parent of a Chardon High School Student.
photo credit: Associated Press

I can not imagine how horrible it must have felt to not know if your child is safe.

I can not imagine the panic and the fear!

I can not imagine the wait - the long awful wait - between hearing about the shooting and seeing your child.

I can not imagine waiting...and not seeing your child...

I can not imagine...  (and I hope I never have to!)

And tonight, I hugged my boys a little bit tighter!

My heart goes out to the entire Chardon community,
especially to the families directly impacted!

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