Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 50 - A Jolt of Happiness, again.

In 2010, I introduced "Jolts of Happiness".

As explained in  my first Jolt of Happiness, (I also did a second Jolt of Happiness) I set my kitchen timer for ten minutes and took photos of happiness. 

And, since I was feeling a wee-bit down this afternoon, I decided that it was time for another Jolt.

So, today, for me, happiness looks like...

Surprise flowers from a good friend!

A good workout this morning!

The lion that hangs in the boys' bathroom - that I made years ago!

A cute simple solution.

My journal of thoughts, insights and goodness!

The book that my 6 year old son created.

One of my creations printed and ready to hang.

OK - Your Turn!
What does happiness look like, for you, today?
Ready, Set, Go!
(Your 10 minutes starts now)

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