Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 49 - Unexpected Family Fun

I can not believe that I am going to say this...but, today, I had fun cleaning!

Yep, you read that right.  I had fun cleaning.

I typically hate cleaning.

But this afternoon, we (yes, we: Alex, Owen, Jeff and I) had fun family time tackling the messy playroom.  Together we sorted through all of their stuff, boxed up outgrown items to donate and threw away broken and worn out toys.  There was no yelling, no screaming - I wasn't pulling my hair out in frustration - and the whining was almost nonexistent. 

It was unbelievable! 

And, in case you are wondering, No, we didn't drug the kids.  Nor was I (or my husband) drugged or delusional. 

You may be wondering, how did we have fun cleaning?

Well, we promised them new toys, of course.

Let me explain...

You see, in November, our neighbors gave us boxes of toys and books, from their son's (now a teen) younger days.  And with Christmas coming, we decided to stash the toys in the garage until later.  We knew we had to go through all of our current toys and purge.  So for months, the boxes sat in the garage and the boys did not know what was inside... Until today.

This afternoon, as we carried the twelve boxes inside, we told them about the books and toys and explained that no box would be opened, until we cleaned and organized the playroom.  Alex and Owen were so excited to make room for and get new (used) toys that, unbelievably, they were cooperative and happy to help.

After all the cleaning and purging, we opened each box, one by one, and it was like Christmas all over again.

And, in typical boy fashion, they picked the large collection of plastic army men to play with first.

Truly a fun time! 

Family Fun!!?  Who would of thought!  You could knock me over with a feather!

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