Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 45 - Love!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Today is all about LOVE.  Sweet wonderful love!

And today, instead of celebrating the love for partners or spouses, I want to honor a mother's love! 

Especially the love that a mom has for her baby.

I remember, with much fondness after the birth of my first child, being filled with joyful contentment and pure overwhelming love as I would breastfeed my infant in the middle of the night while my husband dozing in and out of sleep, would lovingly caress my son’s head and my arm.  In that moment I was completely fulfilled and I felt pure love.  It was beautiful!

So today, in honor of valentines day, Moms, I double dog dare you to share one of your love stories in the comments below!


  1. I remember the birth of each of my four beautiful children and how each time the experience marked a new journey of love -- a love story that knows no bounds. Each child brought with him a new weaving to the tapestry of our family life. My daughter, the last of the 4, brought her own special feminine beauty to our male-dominated home. I must say, though, that my spouse with his 3 children from a previous marriage has also contributed to this priceless tapestry in ways that cannot be described with mere words. The sighs and love and deep caring he and the 3 children he brought with him have brought can only be understood fully by angels -- the angels that watch over our fairytale life.

    With that, I must say that my truest love affair is with G-d, our Lord, the one who made this beautiful piece of art -- our family -- possible.


    1. Samantha-

      Thanks for sharing! I love the hearing about the tapestry of your love!!!

      Thanks for stopping by!